Dope Skeletons

Dope Skeletons NFT Collection

777 Unique 3D illustrated skeletons, eternally buried in the Ethereum blockchain. PFP project by 3D Artist RDRM  

Algorithmically generated from a mix of 70+ attributes across 7 traits, 2D elements illustrated by Lara Ghattas.
This is an art PFP drop, the basic utilities include your DPS being an access token to our future collections (burn to claim) & 1/1 raffles. Mint will be open to the public until February 18, 2023.



πŸ’€ Mint Your Dope SkeletonπŸ’€
//Supply: 777.
//1 NFT per wallet.
//Price: 0 ETH + Gas
//Click the mint button to connect your wallet or Mint directly from our Smart Contract.




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